General Product

YES, All Peppers sunglasses are backed by our no questions asked "Lifetime Warranty."  Please refer to the warranty section of our website for more details and how to send in your sunglasses for replacement/repair.

All Peppers sunglasses have polarized lenses with 100% UV protection.  All of our lenses are shatterproof (impact resistant meet and exceed ANSI standards).

Polarized lenses reduce or completely eliminate glare. Glare can be caused by light such as sunlight, or car headlights reflecting off snow, water, cement, ice, or sand. Reducing or eliminating glare allows Pepper’s lenses to improve depth perception and overall visual comfort.

Yes! All Peppers glasses offer are 100% UV A, B and C protection.

The style number of each pair of glasses starts with 2 letters, including an S, M or L. This indicates if your glasses are small, medium or large fit (ie.MP393-99 is a medium fit frame while FL7349-12 is a large fit.) There are also three numbers associated with each style, following the format 57 ☐ 16 ☐ 140. These numbers indicate the lens width, bridge size and temple length in mm, respectively. These can be found on the inner right temple of your glasses, or on our website.

We do not have the capability of putting in custom lenses here at Peppers, but many people do take our glasses in to their optician to have custom lenses put in. We recommend speaking with an optician before purchasing to make sure you are getting the right frame for your needs.

Online Ordering

Yes, we ship products worldwide. Additional shipping charges apply.

As long as the product is in new with price tags still on them, you may return or exchange the item within 30 days of purchase. All returns MUST be processed through the website. Log in to the account you created when purchasing your sunglasses and initiate a return.

Orders typically ship within 1-3 business days.

Proper Glasses Care

It is inevitable that glasses will acquire dings and scratches over time with normal use. To make the glasses last as long as possible; check out the safe handling tips below:

*Avoid leaving the sunglasses in a hot vehicle or direct sunlight*

High heat can damage the frame and lens coatings.

Avoid contact with the lenses as much as possible.

Our hands, even when they appear to be clean, are covered in oil and dirt particles. 

Proper cleaning is important with in contact with salt water, sand and sunscreen as these can be corrosive and harmful to your lenses.

We recommend rinsing the sunglasses under clean water to remove anything from the frame and lenses.  

Saltwater is micro abrasive and if you try to clean the sunglasses before removing the saltwater it can damage the lenses.  

When not wearing the glasses keep them in a protective storage case.

This is the easiest and most effective way to avoid scratches and keep the dust & dirt off.

Avoid placing sunglasses on top of your head when not wearing them.

The chemicals from shampoo, hair product etc. can be harmful for the lenses.  

Also, placing the glasses on your head may stretch the frame and cause the glasses to become misaligned.

Keeping your glasses clean is the best way to ensure their longevity.

When cleaning glasses there is a RIGHT and WRONG way.

Begin by rinsing the glasses under lukewarm tap water. This will remove grit, dust, dirt etc., which will avoid damage to the lens while cleaning them.


This will damage the lens coating

Next, apply a MILD dish soap to fingers and gently rub the lens, nose pads and frame.

*Avoid dish soap with lotions and hand sanitizers. Avoid cleansers such as Windex which contain ammonia*

Rinse glasses well and shake excess water off.

CAREFULLY dry lenses and frame.

A clean microfiber cloth works best.

*Avoid dirty towels, facial tissues or paper towels. All are harmful to lenses

Warranty Questions

We do not carry or sell any replacement parts for our glasses, including lenses, screws, nose pads etc. If there is an issue with your Peppers we would rather you have a brand new pair of sunglasses to help avoid issues repeating themselves in the future.

Typically a warranty takes about 2 weeks to process, including shipping. If you do not receive your replacement within 3 weeks please check the email you provided to ensure Peppers did not try and contact you with an inquiry about your replacement. If no contact has been made, please contact us for assistance.

There is no need for special packaging as your glasses are already damaged – a small box or padded envelope is usually the best option. Please do not wrap your glasses in bubble wrap, packing peanuts, tissue paper etc. Please do not send back the cases/cleaning cloths your sunglasses may have come with.  

We recommend using a traceable method as Peppers is not responsible for items lost in the mail. USPS shipping cost for one pair of sunglasses averages around $4.

Or feel free to just email us with few pictures of the damage with breif description of how or what happened to them.


No, we do not have a registration process for our warranty. Retain your receipt, and refer to our warranty policy should you ever need to send your sunglasses in.